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news with brian williams. >>> good evening, he was a u.s. foreign service officer, a diplomat representing his country, all he ever wanted to be. he was not the type who asked for cushy assignments, quite the contrary. be, chris steven was the u.s. ambassador to libya, killed last night in the attack in the city of benghazi. a total of four americans were killed, america vowed there will be justice, turns out 911 was a bad day for overseas, protesters in cairo scaled the wall and embassy. destroyed the american flag in cairo and egypt, and then in benghazi, where we begin tonight, we have our chief foreign correspondent, richard, engel. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian, we hoped to broadcast in front of the u.s. embassy here in cairo, but had to leave as egyptian security forces clashed with the demonstrators there, pushing them back, using tear gas to try to stop assaults like the ones yesterday, which we are learning much more about. two attacks on u.s. buildings, one here in cairo, spontaneous, passion, harmless, the other in benghazi, focused and deadly. at 4
got to neat players and get autographs. as you may remember petaluma lost to tennessee in the u.s. championship game last weekend despite an amazing comeback, they finished third overall in the tournament. >> next at 5:00, two days from the democratic convention in charlotte, vice president joe biden called out the republican ticket. we'll tell you what he had to say about mitt romney and paul ryan. >> we're here to show everybody you know,ç sorry, you closed t schools, look what you missed out on. >> sunnyvale celebrates its 100-year anniversary. they got the band back together. >> we saw temperatures today into the 90s, they are still in the 90s outside right now in many of the inland valleys. tomorrow livermore you'll be seeing more mid 90s. how long the heat will be around. >> decision 2012 t the spotlight shifted to charlotte, north carolina. the site of the democratic national convention where president obama says he will offer what he calls a better path forward. nbc's steve handelsman is in charlotte with the latest. >> reporter: arriving in charlotte for the democratic
's a little different here. >> most of the features are similar to what you have on the 4s. >> does it arm the same way? >> it's a little faster. it has a faster chip and the apps are a little longer. it's lighter. >> so what do we do with this old relic? >> that you pass on to your son. >> is that the 4? you are so behind times. >> the entry model into the world of apple. >> i feel so embarrassed. >> all right. very interesting. >> thanks. >> you bet. >> well, cuts to staffing at san jose's police department is forcing the outgoing chief to move some officers out of the office and on to the beat. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live. damian, is the new strategy working at this point? >> reporter: you know what? you can call it operation swarm, if you will, jessica, but that's basically what police are doing. they're swarming the streets with more patrol cars, and that might be part of the reason why we haven't had a homicide here in the last few weeks. remnants of the police flares still sit on flanagan drive in san jose, scene of a shooting thursday night that injured two people. [ spe
. we've got a good strong sea breeze out there, mostly 60s and 70s outside right now and signs of an even cooler finish to the weekend as we head into sunday's forecast. we'll have a look at that when we come right back. >>> the word is spreading quickly, but the results are still the same. still no sign of a missing college student from the east bay. he disappeared last sunday while tubing down the sacramento river, and now as nbc bay area's cheryl hurd reports, most of the lafayette community is coming together to make sure the search continues. >> reporter: casa gourmet burrito was packed by 7:00 friday night. those who came to the small restaurant in lafayette had one thing in mind, bring brett olson home. >> anything to bring him home. we need our boy to come home. he's a wonderful guy. he's amazing, beautiful family. just need to bring him home. >> reporter: a lafayette native and cal poly student was reported missing earlier this week. he spent labor day weekend with friends tubing down the sacramento river and was last seen 1:00 p.m. sunday when he arrived near chico to
and the military are taking efforts to step up security at u.s. embassies across the region. jim maceda joins us from cairo. jim, good evening. >> reporter: hello, lester. the state department is temporarily closing embassies in sudan and yemen, warning u.s. citizens of the travel in those countries, as well as in tunisia where americans are encouraged to leave as worries about more violent protests escalate. a four-day standoff outside the u.s. embassy in cairo ended this morning when riot police charged the protesters and cleared out tahrir square, arresting some 200 along the way. the city began to return to normal as did the country with no reported protests or violence. friday's day of rage spread across more than 20 countries. in tunisia today local citizens and security personnel surveyed damaged cars and buildings at the u.s. embassy now protected by armored vehicles while a u.s. marine rapid response team took up positions at yemen's charred u.s. embassy and western hotels. it wasn't all quiet. as far away as sydney, australia, hundreds protesters clashed with riot police outside the u.
. 87 in livermore. upper 40s and low to mid-50s in the morning. by the afternoon not as warm on saturday as we had today around 1:00 p.m. low to mid-70s in the south bay and upper 70s in the east bay. if you are going outside and have allergies most of the article generals in the atmosphere will be moderate. we're back with the full seven-day forecast later in the show. >>> just add water. a man's project of passion gets its final part. >>> and a new kind of mind game. that online fun that could have a real impact on your brain. learn whether it's positive or negative. >>> in health matters tonight all those online games like words with friends are not a way to waste time at work. they have an impact on your brain. erica edwards explains. >> reporter: classic board games are getting a facelift thanks to facebook and social media outlets. all the rage are games like words with friends and song pop. the good news is experts in the aging process agree they might be good for your brain. >> the games online will stimulate the brain and keep your challenged and make you work. >> re
killing their nato partners. from now on, most u.s. and afghan troops are being kept apart. it's not a good sign for the direction of the war which is supposed to wind down in 2014. >> we say in military science the most perilous of all military operations is a withdraw under pressure. >> reporter: in a statement this morning, coalition commanders are committed to a long-term partnership with the forces. this suspension is temporary. u.s. and afghan troops conduct operations in small numbers. those operations now require commander approval on a case-by-case basis. richard engel, nbc news, southern afghanistan. >>> we may find out today when the two men accused of brutally beating giants fan bryan stow will go on trial. they will be in a los angeles courtroom today for pre-trial proceedings. in june, a judge ruled there is enough evidence to try both on assault an and mayhem charges. they are accused of attacking stow outside of the stadium. bryan stow is slowly recovering from the severe head trauma. he remains wheelchair bound and has to relearn almost everything. the family s
on american manufacturing and today the u.s. auto industry has come roaring back. >> he defended obama care. >> i don't know exactly what the other side's proposing, i guess you could call it romney doesn't care. >> reporter: vice president biden was in pennsylvania, mocking mitt romney and paul ryan at last week's republican convention. >> and these guys say the president's out of touch? out of touch? swiss bank account i'm told millions in the cayman islands, who is out of touch? >> reporter: mitt romney stayed out of the fray. in new hampshire. in charlotte, a few hundred activists protested the city's big banks and demanded tougher environmental laws as the president headed toward his convention. tomorrow mr. obama campaigns in ohio, a critical battleground state, then goes to louisiana. battered about by hurricane isaac. nbc news charlotte, north carolina. >> the founder and the leader of the unification church has died. reverend sun myung moon died at the age of 92 according to church officials. moon reportedly died at a church-owned hospital near his home northeast of seoul. two week
are seeing a strong sea breeze taking shape this weekend which is starting to cool down temperatures. 50s and 60s outside. what that ocean air conditioning means for your sunday forecast coming up. >>> and the same virus blamed for the death of three yosemite tourists pops up in another state. how the hantavirus is linked to a reality tv show. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. looks like it's going to start a so little um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry. yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™. >>> in the wake of the deadly hantavirus outbreak in yosemite there's word of another infection in texas. a woman was infected while cleaning a home that was featured
to recruit diplomats on the uc berkeley campus. he met with stevens just before he left the u.s. for his new job as ambassador to libya. >> i was struck by the fact that he was eager to go. he was earnest. i think he was looking forward to his first ambassadorship. >> reporter: george served with stevens in the peace corps in the '80s. he taught english to kids in a small moroccan town and he says even back then, stevens dreamed of becoming an ambassador. >> he just fell in love with morocco and that part of the world. it was the shark that shaped the rest of his career. >> reporter: the east bay native studied law at uc hastings in san francisco. >> he would pop in my office if he was in town. levine says he's not at all surprised stevens gave his life trying to save others. >> he could have literally sent in the marines. there's a battalion there protecting the embassy. he didn't do that. he wanted to be there and take his people and get them back to safety. he knew he was taking a risk. he did it any way. what more do you need to know? >> he epitomized tolerance, understanding and respect
at the u.s. embassy in cairo, all prompted by an anti-muslim film made in america. >> reporter: here demonstrators rose up. they were agitated. they were infuriated that an internet video had been posted online, even though it had been posted online some time ago, ridiculing islam, ridiculing its prophet muhammad. those demonstrators went to the u.s. embassy. they scaled a wall. they pulled down a flag. they didn't hurt anybody inside. in benghazi, the more we learn about it, the less like that it seemed. it was a commando-style raid in benghazi where militants may have been angry about this same video, but they clearly moved in with a military-style tactic. they had rpgs. the attack on the consulate was carried thought two waves. that's the kind of thing in benghazi that is carried out by a militant group, by a terrorist group, by al qaeda potentially. and u.s. officials are looking into that right now. also wondering was it just a coincidence that the u.s. ambassador, who is normally based in tripoli, happened to be in benghazi at the very time of the attack. so a lot of questions.
. president obama vows justice will be done after the horrific killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya. >>> money out the window. bank robbery suspects hurl cash during a high-speed police chase. >>> and baby buzz? what england's duchess kate has been turning down that's sparking pregnancy rumors. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation, including the pacific time zone. i'm mara schiavocampo. today, we begin with firing back. in response to deadly attacks in libya that killed a u.s. ambassador and three diplomats, an elite group of marines has been sent to ramp up security at u.s. facilities in libya's capital. meanwhile, the violence has spread to yemen's capital this morning, where protesters have attacked the u.s. embassies. nbc's tracie potts has more from washington. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, mara, good morning. good morning, everyone. here on capitol hill, the senate is condemning what happened in benghazi, calling it unacceptable and unjustifiable. meantime, as you mentioned, mara, there are
>>> on our broadcast tonight, days of rage, egypt, libya, now yemen, the protests against the u.s. are spreading. we're live tonight in cairo and tripoli. >>> also tonight, a navy seal who lost his life in the attack on the consulate. >>> and new numbers, and what we're polling, including what the post-convention bounce has done for the president in a critical state at a critical time. >>> your money, a big announcement on the economy, what it could mean for mortgages, with retirement savings and jobs for a lot of americans. >>> and a big moment for the duchess of cambridge, why what she is drinking is getting so much attention. nightly news begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news with brian williams. >>> good evening, tonight, across a huge and uneasy region, where arab spring has long ago faded into something more complicated. today there were anti-u.s. protests in no fewer than 11 separate locations. today, the violence is in cairo where the protesters stormed the u.s. embassy. then the terrible lightning attack on the u.s. consula
mahmoud ahmadinejad accused the u.s. and the west of intimidation. >> a red line should be drawn right here before iran completes a second stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. >> reporter: israel and the west suspect iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon, and fear the impact on the region. so far, diplomatic efforts to stop iran who called this program peaceful have been unsuccessful. netanyahu also spoke directly to mahmoud abbas. >> we won't solve our conflict with libellous speeches at the u.n. >> to assert the state that is palestine. >> reporter: the change would allow palestine to pursue israel in the u.n. international court as the two battle over the west bank. >> they've become targets for acts of killing and abuse. >> reporter: continuing conflicts, the likes of which will require the continued assistance of the u.s. >>> still to come here at 5:00, he lost his cool 30,000 feet in the air. what passengers had to do to control a man accuses of grabbing women in flight. >> the santana row fire ten years ago. coming up, a thank you to firefighters one decade l
at the coastline. overall, fire danger increasing this saturday, sunday, and also into monday. a few 100s possible and even some dangerous rip currents at our local beaches. so here is what we're expecting. some very widespread temperatures. it's not going to be totally hot at the coastline with 90s. we're expecting more of a 70-degree picture. south bay with plenty of upper 80s to low 90s. and for the east bay, we're going to have a round of plenty of 90s coming our way, even the potential here a few low 100s that will produce some very hazy air quality here across most of the bay with the spare the air in effect. and also we'll talk more on the excessive heat watch and talk more about what it means for weekend coming up in just a few. >> we'll see you in a bit. >>> ten years and ten million has changed a tragic event today there is a new pedestrian bridge in the south bay, and it stretches over a railroad track where a toddler was killed. damian trujillo was on the scene on that tragic day in 2005, and he went back today for the opening that will now be called zander's crossing. [ cheering ] >>
two u.s. warships to the libyan coast. and dozens of marines to the region. so far, no word on specific orders. the u.s. consulate building was burned and riddled with bullets. >> my name is chris stevens. and i'm the new ambassador. >> reporter: stevens and three others were killed. four flag-draped coffins followed an emotional scene. >>> cheryl hurd joins us from berkeley, where the spirit of chris stevens is shining brightly tonight. cheryl? >> reporter: it is, indeed. it was a somber evening here in berkeley tonight. the candlelight vigil started with a moment of silence, for a man they call their brother. these members of the alpha tau omega fraternity didn't know christopher stevens. but he was their brother. that's why they held a candlelight vigil to honor him tonight. >> we share the same ideals. so, we know that we need to do something for him and his family. >> reporter: the ambassador graduated from u.c. berkeley in 1982 and was a member of this fraternity. in their eyes, he is a hero. >> we bow to our brother for the service in his life. >> reporter: stevens we
deadly riots around the world. and the president sends a message to those who attacked the u.s. embassy in libya. >>> also, a pop-up scene in the east bay that gives a lifeline to veterans continues this weekend. we'll show you where it is and when it will shut down. >>> and how a looming nhl lockout could make a big i pact in the south bay. >> nbc bay area news starts right now. >> good evening to you. i'm kris sanchez in. outrage over a controversial film made in the u.s. continues to spread around the world has federal officials question a convicted felon in california who may have helped to make that movie. dozens of anti-american protests and demonstrations are being held in cities around the world. tonight there are so many questions about the movie that led to the violence and the attack in libya which claimed the lives of four americans. nbc bay area's kimberly terry have in the newsroom with the latest. >> kim, today the man believed to be behind the con tr verse shul innocence of muslim's youtube video was brought in with federal officers. since the movie ignited, the filmmake
were easier to find. >> early '60s set of map and more interesting to look at. >> this one is interesting, look at the cover. >> through his trips to every state and on ebay he has more maps than you can shove in a glove box. some possibly scribed by hand. >> we cut out letter by letter. >> >> look at a map like this going to the '20s. >> where he is still employed but not as a mapmaker. >> you can see the art. >> aaa outsourced production in 2008 because of the depend for paper maps was so low. since 2000 -- whoa! it is down 60%. they can't resent gps technology. it is great to get from point a to b but both wonder what you lose by not finding your own way. >> the computer doesn't know my wishes as well as i do, i guess. and the map lets you see the full picture. >> nothing like it. >> nbc bay area news. >> they have to keep a map in the car in case your battery dies on your gps or smartphone, right. >> you still need them. if you don't have access to the internet or the cell phone loses battery power you still want that paper map. let's deal with the electronic maps for n
tragedy in afghanistan, two u.s. marines reported killed, is in any way connected to the rioting across the muslim world because of the movie. that, of course, will be looked into. candidate paul ryan implied today none of this would be going on if mitt romney were in the white house. president obama today, for his part, took a hard line. as anti-american rioting spread through the muslim world, president obama was on hand for the return of the remains of u.s. ambassador to libya chris stephen and his three colleagues, murder bade mob on the 9/11 anniversary tuesday. the president vowed no u.s. retreat. >> making it clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, even in our grief, we will be resolute. for we are americans. and we hold our head high. >> reporter: but the protests widened. this was iraq. in lebanon, symbols of the u.s. got burned at kfc and had hardens. this was gaza. many egyptians are still furious over that anti-muslim film made in the u.s. and it's not just arab nations. muslims to the east erupted. this was pakistan today. this was bang
will be in the 50s with a few areas of low clouds and possibly patchy fog. we heard there are going to be thousands of people headed out to moffett field. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. it looks more like a broken cloud situation with also sunshine. if you're headed to moffett field right now, you're in somewhat of the sweet spot. that is the great news. here's another way to look at this forecast. 7:00 a.m. for tomorrow. you can see san francisco in the top of your screen, nasa aims down on the bottom right, the fog building at the coastline at 7:00 a.m. as we advance to 9:00 a.m., the fog slowly starts to push back. that's what we see at 10:00 a.m. it looks as if things will clear just in time at nasa ames research over toward san francisco, though. may still be a little bit dicey. it's fog, it's the time of the season, i think we're going to get a pretty decent view. >> thanks so much, jeff. >>> we want your photos of endeavo endeavour's flyover. you can take your picture using ins instagram use the #nbcbayarea. >>> the new iphone 5 goes on sale tomorrow, that means people are camping
in the area since the '40s. >> it's great being out here with my dad. he's -- that's where i got to be a big kid from. he's still a big kid i didn't think i was that big, but otherwise i guess i'm a kid, yeah. >> reporter: "endeavour" had its first successful lift-off from ken day space center in 1992. it's headed to its permanent spot at the science center and will be open to display for the public starting october 30th. >>> stephanie, thank you. across the bay area from many of it area over the bay bridge and the iconic shot of the golden gate bridge. a once in-in-a-lifetime chance see two american icons together. look at that shot. to see the space shuttle "endeavour" to fly by. it made two passes. crowds at the field screamed and clapped as it flew slow and low. the shuttle is making the rounds to california landmarks as it retires to a museum in california. it arrived at l.a.x. a short while ago. one woman told us it made her emotional to see such an important part of history. >> it was a strange emotional moment because i remember seeing the "columbia" launch when i was in the fifth gr
on all three indices on thursday, following that announcement. the dow and s&p 500 hit three-year highs, and the nasdaq posted a nearly 12-year high. stocks continued to rise on friday, and gm rose 10%, chrysler, climbing 14%, compared to earthquake related supply disruptions last year. all of those companies came in ahead of expectations and the annual sales rate in the u.s. now stands at 14.5 million cars. it is an extraordinarily busy and important week from the jobs numbers to the ecb plan. but there are plenty of other things to pay attention to, as well. joining me is the chief investment strategist, russ koesterich. thank you for joining us. >>> thank you. >> 96,000 jobs created, fewer than the market expected, but the unemployment rate did fall to 8.1%. what is your take on the numbers and the economy? >> unfortunately, it was a bad report on several fronts, even the drop in the unemployment rate was negative. i'll explain why in a moment. so you're below expectations on job creation, the sharp slowdown from the rate in july. we're seeing the wages slow down. again, this is a ch
with the a chinese company. the completion of the deal will generate a wind fall which could ease the pain of yahoo!'s shareholders. after yahoo! pays taxes and distributes most of the proceeds, the kl will have $1 billion left to finance acquisitions or hire new talent as it seems to build up the company. >>> mayor ed lee today took one of san francisco's less scenic tours. he inspected the now empty sutro reservoir. without the 32 million gallons of water, it looks more like a parking garage. it's vital to the city so it's getting an overhaul. the mayor says the inspiration to make the improvements was reinforced by a post-katrina visit to new orleans. >> one of the biggest lessons is they didn't invest properly in the infrastructure knowing disaster was in front of them, having experienced flooding and the gates of their water barriers having melted down a couple times before then. >> the reservoir is the seventh and last reservoir in the city to benefit from the improvement program. >>> still ahead tonight at 6:00, a new stadium is being built and a whole city is feeling the impact. >> we have new
in a notorious graffiti crew. seary credits s.j.p.d.'s -- a group of suspected taggers was charged with a so-called gang enhancement. that group racked up more than $60,000 in property damage alone a bill that will be picked up by taxpayers. >> the big deal is look around, the graffiti everywhere makes the city look ugly and it doesn't make it seem safe. this tagging is gang tagging and if it gets crossed out, that's a sign of disrespect and that leads to violence. >> eight homicide in 11 days, four of them gang related. the last member set for sentencing september 25. >>> the stalemate is over tonight for cal state and it's faculty members who have been working without a contract for two years. the faculty has now voteded in favor of a new four-year deal. this has ended months of sometimes angry bargaining. it preserves current working conditions. >>> red light cameras would get new scrutiny awaiting the governor's signature which may come tonight. too often the cameras aren't installed as a safety feature, but really is a way to make cities to help them make money. the proposal would estab
not too bad. running a bit warmer than what we saw yesterday. we do have some low 90s starting to show up on the map in the east bay valleys. primarily out towards livermore and pleasanton. san francisco and the coast, we still have the fog. the marine layer started at 1500 feet thick. it's been an all day event up and down the coast. the low clouds are going to get squished right down to the ocean here in the next 24 hours. as that happens and that warning air aloft, get the sinking warming air, valleys tomorrow, lots of 90s showing up. as that inversion sets up on the bay area, air quality really taking a hit for north bay, east bay, and santa clara valley locations tomorrow. spare the air alert for the bay area. here's a sneak preview. right around lunch time tomorrow. already starting to see low 90s by 1:00 on our way to near 100 degrees in spots tomorrow. and that, by the way, not the hottest day. we will see in the next seven days. we'll have a full look at the mini fall heat wave coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. >>> we have more information tonight on that mother accu
-american protestors attack u.s. government buildings in two countries leaving one u.s. official dead. >>> phone frenzy. all eyes on apple as the buzz builds over its rumored next generation iphone. >>> and deep impact. an amateur astronomer captures a massive explosion on the planet jupiter. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation. i'm mara schiavocampo. today we begin with under siege. libyan officials say the u.s. ambassador to that country and three other embassy staff members were killed last night during a flare-up in violence in the eastern city of benghazi. u.s. officials have yet to confirm the reports. last night, smoke and flames billowed out of the u.s. consulate in benghazi after libyan security forces clashed with armed muslim protesters throwing handmade bombs at the compound. the gunmen were outraged over an american film promoted by an extremist anti-muslim advocate which criticizes islam and the prophet mohammed. secretary of state hillary clinton strongly condemned the attack. earlier tuesday anger over that s
>>> u.s. embassys the target of rage. we have a protests in a growing number of countries. >>> no sprinklers here on the school fire on the peninsula, which turns out was leg. i'll have that story coming up. >>> if you think about buying a big-ticket item, you could save a lot of money if you get it today. >>> getting a look at the traffic at 880 through fremont on this friday. you are watching nbc bay area news. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. it is another day of unrest and angry eruptions across the muslim world. protesters are managing to get into two more u.s. em aboutbass today. anti-american dmemonstrators stormed the facilities. we have danielle with the latest on the out of control actions. >> we see growing unrest in the middle east. here in the u.s., the remains of the u.s. ambassador and three other americans killed in the attacks on tuesday have arrived at the air force base in maryland. the president, vice president and secretary of state are there for a ceremony. shouting slogans as riot police t
temperatures for saturday by the bay. 70s and inland, mid up toer 80s f you're headed out to the game, one of the lucky ones, they're going up against usc, 4:30. temperatures expected in the upper 70s to near 80. we'll have more coming up. >>> the bodies of four americans who killed the in attack in libya were returned to the united states today. president obama promised the killers will face justice. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke about bay area product chris stevens who died in that attack. >> i was honored to snow ambassador chris stevens. i want to thank his parents and s siblings who are here today for sharing chris with us and with our country. >> much of his family is still here in the bay area. stevens grew up in piedmont and went to cal. the president and secretary of state made their comments before flag draped coffins at an hanger in maryland. >>> the anti-american demonstrations continue today. now expanding beyond arab nations. this protest in london. riots have broken out in 20 different countries against the anti-islamic film made in the u.s. there was damage in le
-budget anti-muslim film produced in the u.s. hezbollah leader made a rear public appearance in beirut this morning denouncing the film. he called the protest in beirut saying the u.s. must be held accountable for that film. in kabul, the series of anti-american protests are breaking out. hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police and set fire to two cars. they set fire to a compound. in pakistan, two people were killed during anti-american protests there yesterday. demonstrators throughout the middle east and northern africa are angry over the film which was produced in the u.s. and uploaded on youtube. there was unrest after a rumor it would be played on u.s. television. >>> the rise in the anti-american violence has prompted the u.s. government to pull citizens out of the areas. last tuesday, u.s. ambassador and bay area native, chris stevens was killed with three others during the attack on the embassy in libya. arrests have been made linked to the attacks. >>> the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le is in court today. the hearing is set to begin one year to the
. a once stardom-seeking private i. who made national news with his so-called mommy p.i.s is heading to prison to do some hard time. a federal court judge sentenced christopher butler to eight years behind bars for extortion, robbery, and conspireing to deal drugs. >> any defendant at this point realizes that for a year and a half of conduct and i'm rounding out that he has really done great damage. not only to himself. but to the reputation of law enforcement. >> nbc bay area was the first to obtain this undercover video showing butler and the former commander of contra costa county's drug enforcement team taking part in an apparent drug deal. butler admitted he teamed up with welsh to steal drugs from law enforcement evidence lockers and sell them back on the street. he also says the pair opened a brothel in pleasant hill. all things he's now willing to testify to in court earning him a lighter sentence. >> the extent of his cooperation was extraordinary. the extent to which everything he said to the authorities from day one was completely borne out as factually accurate, corrobora
to stop iran from building a nuclear weapon. the white house reacted by saying the u.s. shares israel's goal of stopping that from happening but so far it has refused to set an ultimatum. nbc's danielle leigh reports. >> reporter: from a fight over the west bank to fears about iran's nuclear program, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke under pressure before the united nations. >> today a great battle is being waged. >> reporter: just one day after iran's president mahmoud amadinejad accused israel and the west of intimidation, netanyahu delivered iran new ultimatum against its controversial nuclear program. >> a red line should be drawn right here before, before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. >> reporter: israel and the west suspect iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon and fear the impact on the region, but so far diplomatic efforts to stop iran, who calls its program peaceful, have been unsuccessful. netanyahu also spoke directly to the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. >> we won't solve our conflict with libelous sp
of a 3-year-old boy who was the son of a san jose police officer. today the d.a.'s office announced the boy accidentally killed himself with his father's weapon. investigators are not filing criminal charges against officer brandon orlando. they athe shooting did not meet all the required elements for charging him with the criminal storage of a fire arm. the shooting happened at the family's home in gilroy on july 5th after the boy found his father's gun in the drawer of a nightstand. the district attorney said it's a sad and precautionary tale about gun safety. >>> president obama's united nations address began with a tribute to chris stevens. mr. obama called on the world leaders to join him in condemning the violence that killed stevens and three american staffers in the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the president then explained to world leaders why the u.s. cannot ban a youtube clip blamed for much of the violence in the middle east. the clip insults t s ths the pr muhammad. >> as president of our country and commander in chief of our military, i accept that people are goin
to keep the u.s. hopes alive. starts at the right edge of the green, turning toward the flag, now just left of it. >> just a little amped up. that was a good swing. missed clubs are just too darn excited. >> back at 17. while stricker was hitting his approach, molinari's second, down the hill way too fast. >> now, that was the gift. >> so, tiger is looking very good here to take a 1-up lead and this was the reaction from tiger when he got to the green. chance to take the 1-up lead here. again, stricker ahead of him at 18. trying to win that hole and kaymer has the advantage there, but after what we've seen the the last three days, wouldn't be surprised by anything right now. >> just coaxing it down. and that is a par. molinari will have a long one coming back to try and keep it all square. jose maria olazabal. can't even bear to look. at 18 for striker, who's away. >> stricker will be first to play. putting from the upper level to the lower. >> saw dufner miss it way left on this putt. dottie. >> i can see that happening. putt it through a little bit of a funnel and down the slope in t
" finally leaking out this morning. new details about the chaos in the moments before navy s.e.a.l.s ambushed an killed osama bin laden. >>> power less. hundreds of thousands still without power days after hurricane isaac ripped through the gulf coast as the army corps of engineers tried to figure out whether the levees in new orleans actually made the flooding outside the city worse. >>> and tom cruise's block bluster, "vanity fair" reporting this morning the church of scientology auditioned potential wives for tom cruise before katie holmes was in the picture. the startling claims about cruise and the church today, the startling claims about cruise and the church today, sunday, september 2nd, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. and welcome to "today." i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolf. "no easy day" not out until tuesday, yet we're learning so much more about it. we've known the broad outline of the frenzied moments leading up to the raid. we haven been told the exact details. they're starting to come out. >> we're seeing excerpts from the book wr
the unification church, which gained worldwide attention in the '70s and '80s with mass weddings. he married people in huge ceremonies around the world. his followers, known for their fundraiser activities, were called "moonies." the leader also expanded his political influence, relating to conservative american presidents and re-building a once tense relationship with north korea. but with fame came controversy, the church faced allegations of stealing and brainwashing followers. moon himself spent more than a year at a u.s. federal prison for tax evasion. two weeks after he was admitted to a hospital for pneumonia, moon reportedly died at a church-owned hospital near his home. he was 92 years old. nbc news. >>> and president obama has something to say about clint eastwood following the rambling speech that he gave at the republican national convention. >> what do you mean, shut up? i'm not going to shut up. it's my turn. >> in case you didn't see it, clint eastwood talked to a fake president obama, in a chair, saying he failed to deliver on his promises. despite the situation, president ob
weekend. how about upper 70s? a little bit better than yesterday, 60s for highs, but now there's signs out there that warning trends will kick in tomorrow. we're talking 90s in your forecast. we'll have a look at that when we come right back. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>> the petaluma little league will be honored with a parade tomorrow afternoon and it will be a thrill for sure, but they are already riding high after rubbing elbows and playing catch with the oakland a's before the a's game friday night, here's the story of a night they'll probably never forget. >> reporter: on the field at the a's game the petaluma little leaguers get a standing ovation and the thrill of a lifetime, one-on-one time with the pros. >> because it's just awesome to meet the a's, pro baseball pla
see a braight future. >> i was in the u.s. army for 3 1/2 years, i did one tour in iraq i guess you can say that kind of prepares me mentally. >> city leaders are pleased with what they see so far. the 166th academy. is the most diverse ever with record 15 women, 11 languages spoken. >> this is the first-class we have had in several years. it really looks much more like the city than past classes. >> to give you an idea of how understaffed the department is -- currently there are 632 sworn oakland police officers down from 809 just three years ago. and the department is still recruiting two more academies are scheduled to take place next year. reporting live, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> vallejo's mayor hoping to regain the trust of some in the community. at issue an officer involved shooting that took place september 2nd. vallejo police shot and killed a 23-year-old man sitting in a parked car outside of his home. officers say the man got out of the car and reached for what turned out to be a pellet gun. the man's sister claims she watched the entire incident, and the pol
. we had the sea breeze through the day today. inland saw highs in the low 80s. very cool for this time of year. only 80 in livermore. san jose, 71 degrees. 68 in oakland. 62 in san francisco and right now it's practically jacket weather in the trivalley. that's what you have with the winds coming in off the bay, 25-mile-per-hour winds in fairfield setting us up for a cool finish to the week, too. might have noticed the low clouds. we think they'll re-form on the coast tonight. and the big thunderstorms along the spine of this today, the moisture should stay off to the south and east. this area of low pressure offshore should keep the bay area under mainly a southwest air flow aloft limiting the monsoon moisture to southern california and the sierra. but it's going to keep the sea breeze going tomorrow. lots of 60s and 70s around the bay area, well inland out to the tri-valley and down around morgan hill. hour-by-hour forecast tomorrow, just like today, clearing at times on the coast. starting off with morning clouds and maybe misty guys around the peninsula and the coast for tomorrow m
, which are controlled by syrian rebels. despite its claim iraq and the u.s. have a strategic partnership, iraq's tolerance of iran's using of their airspace starkly points out the limits of the obama administration's influence there. vice president joe biden made an august phone call to the iraqi prime minister to discuss the syrian crisis, and a source told the "times" mr. biden registered concern over the iranian flights. >> well, now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. in florida surveillance video shows a car plowing into a restaurant after it was accidentally put in reverse. the good news, nobody was inside at the time, and the two people in the car only suffered minor injuries. but the bad news, it happened just a half an hour before that restaurant was going to open for its first day of business. >>> well, in massachusetts, more car trouble. an elderly driver was backing into his garage when he hit the gas instead of the brake, and it landed him right in his next-door neighbor's pool after crashing through the fence. he is said to be okay. >>> i
you tomorrow. >>> this morning on "early today," day of rage. all eyes on the middle east as anti-u.s. protests over an anti-muslim film spread. >>> justice served. an ohio woman gets nabbed for passing a school bus on the sidewalk. >>> and crown of thorns. there are reports of another nude photo scandal brewing for there are reports of another nude photo scandal brewing for england's royal family. captions paid for by nbc-universal levision >>> hello, and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation including our pacific time zone. i'm mara schiavocampo. today we begin with high alert. the obama administration is bracing for another day of major demonstrations in parts of the muslim world after today's weekly prayers. meanwhile, there's a new development in the investigation into this week's consulate killings in libya. nbc's tracie potts has the very latest from washington. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: mara, good morning. good morning, everyone. we've evacuated our folks out of benghazi to tripoli. in tripoli the embassy is at bare bones emergency staff only, as auth
causing tension at a u.s. embassy after a string of anti-american violence in the middle east. and this morning, u.s. leaders are responding. we'll have a live report from washington. >>> right now, a live look outside at fremont. that reminds us that ms. christina loren will be along for our late-morning a.m. ride to take a look at the weather forecast coming up. you're watching nbc bay area. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. and it was a solemn morning and still is in the north bay as officers from all around the country gather to pay tribute to one of their own. >> the memorial service is being held at this hour for chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died after being shot by a man during a traffic stop last week near alamo. christie smith is live in vacaville outside the mission church where hundreds of people are paying their respects. quite the crowd. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. really a somber day here in vacaville. lots of tears and hugs. i want to step aside so you can see what's going on behind m
priest jarred lidner who lynch said molested him and his brother in the 1970s. nowner jesuit brother william farrington is accused of abusing a bellarmine preparatory student in the 1960s and that acquisition wasn't the first. in a left sent to bellarmine faculty and staff of jesuits which oversees bellarmine, quote, jesuit brother william farrington was removed from ministry with minors after allegations surfaced from another student. he now exercises no public ministry and lives under close supervision at the jesuit infirmary and his restrictions are reviewed annually. though the statute of limitations has run out, mike grabel was given permission to share his story to encourage other possible victims to come forward. grabel is quoted in the statement from the jesuit society as saying at each step i was met with an a. >>> concern and caring and willingness to help. they, the jesuits, support my desire to send this letter as an expression of my care and concern for my classmates who might have had similar experiences. grabel did not return our kabls nor did his 71-year-old accused a
-important hispanic vote. veronica? >> brian mooar in washington. brian, thank you. >>> a top u.s. security official told a senate panel wednesday the deadly attack in libya on september 11th in which the american ambassador and three others were killed was a terrorist strike. senators also registered doubt the attack started as a spontaneous protest as well as disbelief over the consulate's lack of security. nbc's danielle leigh has more from washington. >> senator, you have been -- >> reporter: sitting before the senate homeland security committee, three of the top u.s. security officials called this scene last week, that deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, where four americans died, evidence the u.s. continues to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. >> they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack. >> reporter: much else remains unanswered or under dispute. was al qaeda involved? >> we are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to al qaeda. >> reporter: was the attack planned like the libyan government insists or was it s
as police chief in san joerse, it s a unanimous decision. 18 months later as he calls it quits is far shorter than an average police chief and far shorter than what the city council was hoping for. police chief chris moore will retire in january from a department he's been with for more than 27 years. >> it's a long time in law enforcement and it's the right time in our business. if i think about all the factors that led into us, clearly our scenario and what we're facing had something to do with it, i'm not kidding you. i've been disappointed that we weren't able to get some things done through negotiation that i think perhaps, you know, i wish we had. >> reporter: the chief said laying off officers was one of the hardest things he's ever had to do, but he's proud of how he handled it, and he says proud of this department. >> i came here to be a san jose police officer. i could have gone a lot of places, and i just couldn't be happier -- pardon me -- wow. couldn't be happier that i was here and was able to be the chief here. >> reporter: the president of the chiefs association said h
to return to u.s. soil. tonight his younger sister spoke with brian williams exclusively. >> he talked a little bit about the security but didn't make a big deal of it. he more spoke of how much he enjoyed the work that he was doing and the diplomatic mission that he was on. >> 52-year-old chris stevens was from the bay area and went to piedmont high and uc berkeley. u.s. officials say he was a pod del diplomat proud to serve his country. he and three other americans were killed at the u.s. embassy in libya on tuesday night. we're learning more about how stevens' life came to an end. >> after tuesday's attack on the u.s. embassy in libya, there's word tonight a dying chris stevens was carried to a medical center by locals from benghazi. the libyan doctor says he died of severe asphyxiation causing stomach bleeding. meanwhile, u.s. officials say there's no indication that the attack on the con sue late was planned contrary to earlier reports. they believe militants jumped at the opportunity while a protest of an anti-islamic film made in the u.s. was taking place outside the embassy. me
to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area news. the parents of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens are remembering their son. stevens' mother and stepfather just returned home from washington where the president honored their son. nbc bay area's jody hernandez sat down with the couple for their first on camera interview. >> wherever we were with him, and we visited him in morocco and saudi and in tunisia, and he was as at home as if we in piedmont. >> reporter: chris stevens' mother and stepdad say that's what set their ambassador son apart. stevens' parents just returned from washington where they retrieved remains of their son. the u.s. ambassador to libya who was killed in an attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi last week. >> he was not the type of diplomat to sit in the office and attend receptions and just be a formal person. he was a man of the people. >> i'm perfectly aware that there was danger. but there was danger almost every place he went. >> reporter: stevens' mother said she learn long ago not to worry. she says her son inherited his curious and outgoing nature from
stretch of south first street and monterey road has seen prostitution activity since the 1980s, in part buzz of the high concentration of low-cost motels and the high volume of pedestrian and car traffic. these parents hope despite budget cuts, police will crack down on prostitutes here and let kids focus on their books, not hookers. and just a few blocks away at rocket ship elementary school, parents say their kids are seeing the same problem too. so they plan to join the walk tomorrow night at 6:30 in this neighborhood. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, marianne. >>> prosecutors have filed charges against that man accused of assaulting and kidnapping a 9-year-old girl right from a san mateo elementary school last week. today school leaders met with anxious parents to review new campus security measures. minutes before parkside elementary school let out last friday, police say the man, who was in the girl's bathroom, grabbed her from behind, carried her away and tried to take her off campus to his house. she eventually managed to escape.
to the west of pittsburg itself. in those hills. temperatures in the 60s. winds are light. that's great news for firefighters. but humidity is extremely low at this time of night. just at 10%. for tuesday, we're going to have a mixed bag here. temperatures in the 90s. it will be hot out there for hot spots to flare up. it will be breezy but not over by gusty. and humidity could be worst this time of year. it's expected at 30% throughout the afternoon hours. not too bad as we look ahead to the next 24 hours. that high pressure is going to continue to fade. we'll begin with 50s and 06s. by the bay and down in the south bay, instead of temperatures to upper 80s and near 90, we'll look at slight cooling. >> thank you, jeff. >>> not the lake tahoe vacation they were dreaming of. a san jose family involved in a jet skiing accident is at a san jose hospital. they rented into jet skis ps investigators say the two water craft collided going about 30 miles per hour. neither parent had experience operating a jet ski. the family's 7-year-old daughter was airlifted to reno. the 5-year-old son and mother
today. that is leading the colder temperatures right now, with isolated 40s. we will let you know what it means for the morning forecast and your seven day. >> tonight, mitt romney is doing damage control after comments he made in private fundraiser was made public. he is heard talking to wealthy donors giving them a snap shot of liberal voters. here is a portion of it. >> don't worry, we will take care of it. how are we going to do it two months before the election. you have to take care of yourself. >> well, there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. there are 47% of them that believe that they are victims and that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing. you name it. that is entitlement and the government shougive it to item. he starts off with a huge number. these are people that pay no income tax 47% of american pays no income tax. so our message of low taxes does not connect. that is what they sell every four years. tax cuts for the rich. and so my job is to not worry abou
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